Free Custom Sizes



We met in South India as young backpackers and fell in love over chai and long bus rides, but our journey as business partners began in late 2019...

After many weeks brainstorming how to merge our cultures and interests into a progressive business, one day it clicked. Apparel artisanship in India is unparalleled. Combined with size-inclusive, slow fashion practices, we could add a personal touch that the modern clothing industry lacks.

We launched our initial 9-dress collection in 2020. Customers loved Pana Mina's charming handmade touches and impressive size offerings. In 2021, we took this a step further and started offering 100% free custom sizes.

These days, we split our time between Jaipur, India and St. Louis, USA. 'Pana Mina' is named after one of Jaipur's hidden gems, Panna Meena ka Kund, an ancient step well near the Old City. From fabric selection to dyeing to stitching, we love to spend time right there while the magic happens.

Thank you to our supportive families and friends for being here from the start. Thank you to our loyal customers who offer valuable feedback and motivation. And finally, thank you to our talented tailors, artisans, and local community- they are heart and soul of Pana Mina.

Love and Light❤️
Ellie & Jay, Pana Mina's Founders

P.S. See more on Our Values and Production here.