Pana Mina

Dianne Dress


A floaty floral dream... This natural pattern is printed by hand with toxic-free dyes. Warm brown neutral tones, puffed sleeves, and a cotton rope belt are the finishing touches to this feminine year-round dress. 

  • Hidden side pockets
  • Elastic arm closure
  • 45.5" / 49" length
  • Hand block printed cotton
  • Organic cotton lining
  • Cotton rope tie 

This dress is true to size and falls at mid-calf. 


Hand wash in lukewarm water. Hang to dry. Steam or iron on cotton setting. 

Please note that our pieces are made-to-order, and take approximately 3 weeks to cut and sew. We do this to reduce waste and excess inventory. 

We provide size customizations free of charge. If you have any customization requests, please send us a message. 

All bodies are welcome here! If your size does not fall within the chart above, please contact us with your measurements and we will have a piece tailored for you accordingly, free of cost.

At Pana Mina, we are committed to sustainable, ethical, and inclusive practices. We, as Co-Founders, are proudly involved in every step of the creation and manufacturing process. As our slow fashion brand grows and expands its presence, we promise to uphold the following: 

100% Eco-friendly Materials

When initially selecting fabrics, we narrow it down to a handful of low-impact, plant-based materials. We primarily use deadstock (leftover fabric from local mills and production houses). 

Our new fabrics are sourced from a local, toxic chemical-free fabric mill owned by our friend, Lakshay. Our deadstock fabrics are sourced from a supplier here in Jaipur. We select each fabric in-person.

Our fabrics are dyed in small batches (20 meters at a time) from a local artisan's shop, to reduce waste. The dyes are low impact and contain no toxic chemicals. Leftover water-based dye is disposed of in the appropriate sewer or septic drains.

In addition, all materials are vegan. No fur, leather, down, horn, angora, animal skin, wool, silk, or animal hair. 

We spend time testing our fabrics to ensure quality and performance. Pana Mina never sacrifices sustainability for style or function. 

Ethical Manufacturing & Enforced Living Wage

Our Jaipur-based tailors are paid more than double the fair and living wage, ensuring that they can support their families and live comfortably. We (the founders) live in Jaipur, and can therefore personally visit our tailors several times per week to drop off our fabrics, observe production, and check in.

Pana Mina ensures that no child labor or forced labor occurs. Our production space is a safe and clean facility. Our tailors are given flexible schedules, and are free to request days off from their manager, Firoz. All workers have the right to join a union. 

Aarti, a full-time seamstress, adds wooden buttons to our Cotton Flax Dress.

This is Firoz, our Master Tailor. He specializes in couture stitching.

Minimal Packaging

Each garment is shipped in a canvas tote, alongside a recycled paper card. We ship in a recycled poly bag to keep products safe and dry.

Timeless, Functional, Multi-season Styles

We create elegant pieces that are made to last, as well as withstand trends and seasons. Our garments are intended to be versatile and worn longer than a fast fashion buy, encouraging a smaller, but highly functional wardrobe. We hope you wear and love your Pana Mina piece for years to come. 

100% Inclusive Sizing

Pana Mina is available for all bodies and sizes. If your measurements do not fall under our Size Chart, we will make a custom sized piece for you. Email with which piece(s) you have in mind + how you would like to customize the fit. 

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